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Imagine. Contemplate. Create.

Imagine achieving your professional objectives by developing a clear strategy for your business.

Imagine having a partner who challenges you to evolve and supports you in exceeding the goals you set.

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Start at the beginning.

Are you ready to make your business dreams come true?

It starts with a plan.
A plan built on solid processes that give you a competitive advantage.

It consists of a series of exercises and a framework that prioritizes your goals.

It'll define your ideal market; examine your company culture; align your team on the mindset, needs, and journey of your audience - and deliver an identity system designed to get results.

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your brand

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your goals with your team & your audience

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your identity system


background image shows pages from an implementation roadmap and deliverables of a completed brand strategy project for a real estate agent.

Brand Strategy

background image shows assets and deliverables of a project completed for a landscape design company

Identity Design

background image shows home page of web design project completed for a marine welding company.

Website Design

background image shows book standing, books stacked and open book to display interior layout design of a project completed for local chamber of commerce membership directory.
Layout & Design
Identity, Packaging
& Pattern Design
background image shows deliverables from a completed brand development project for a fishing gear and apparel company.

What is the biggest hurdle you are facing in your business right now?

Clear insights lead to focused goal-setting and purpose-driven design.

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About me

My name is Linda Dooley. I'm a brand strategy consultant and identity designer with 30+ years of experience as a creative professional.

I help businesses engage their audiences by bringing to light the best answers to the right questions.