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design through brand strategy

​​​​​​Brand Development & Graphic Design 

Founded in Boston in 1991 with a vision to help new businesses launch their brand from

one platform, IMAGEination Graphic Solutions relocated to Plymouth in 1995.

You want your business to resonate with your audience; our skills and experience can help make that happen! 

There are certain elements necessary for your business to function as a professional entity -  

Together we'll explore the strategy that determines what those elements are.

Once your brand is defined, we will collaborate with you to design a unique logo to be

used on customized collateral that develops brand recognition and keeps your visual identity consistent.​​

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Expand your visibility • Solidify your brand recognition.

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​The Mission:

Our Job:

Brand Development, Logo Design, Business Collateral​

The Vision:

IMAGEination Graphic Solutions designing visual communication strategically - reaching your customer by highlighting what differentiates your business

Our Goal:

Design Visual Communication that engages your customers and keeps your identity consistent across all platforms. ​​

Linda Dooley

Founder  & CEO