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​​​"Do you know what I love most about Driven Cape Cod's Conference for Women? It's empowering women. When I hire strong, capable women to help my vision come alive we all win. Meet Linda Dooley, owner of IMAGEination Graphic Solutions. Linda produces visual communications from concept to print. In other words she makes me look good. If you have ever been in a Driven card photo she has made you look good too. Linda is one of the easiest people I have ever had the pleasure to work with and call friend. From banners to program guides Linda has me covered.
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It's true 'Amazing things happen when we lift each other up we all might rise.'"​

Marie Younger-Blackburn
Visionary & Event Planner, DRIVEN Cape Cod's Conference for Women

11 North Street  |  Suite #208  |  Plymouth, MA 02360  |  508·747·1008

Conference Collateral and Marketing​

The Challenge

​In 2014 Marie Younger Blackburn, a visionary and successful event planner, conceptualized a women's conference to add delight and purpose to the winter months on Cape Cod.

She cultivated a group of women, motivated to create a setting to foster inspiration, collaboration and celebration of Cape Cod's community minded DRIVEN WOMEN.
The goal was for this conference to become an on-going recognized movement that inspired women through collaborative efforts, interactive experiences and participation in workshops designed to enhance their personal growth and business acumen. DRIVEN-Cape Cod’s Conference for Women was born.

​​​The Result

Collateral was designed to provide instant recognition of the DRIVEN brand and heightened awareness of the conference. Hundreds of women were brought together to participate in the 2016 and 2017 conferences, as well as a DRIVEN retreat held in 2018.

​​The Solution

​IIGS was tasked with re-designing the “DRIVEN” collateral to support the marketing of this high energy conference. We used vibrant colors to reinforce the strong community message organizers desired to convey. 

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